• Five simple ways to freshen up the kitchen

    It’s often said that bathrooms and kitchens sell the house, but anyone who has had renovations done recently will also know that renovating these two rooms can be very expensive. Here’s some simple ways to give the kitchen in your house a lift that won’t break your budget and you might think about doing yourself.

    1. Cupboards

    There a number of ways you can change the whole look of a kitchen by altering the cupboards. You can change the fronts completely – from o... Read More

  • Playgrounds in Mentone

    One of the reasons Melbourne continually tops lists of ‘the most liveable cities’ is the opportunity we have to enjoy the outdoors. Every suburb has a range of outdoor spaces that makes spending time outdoors, whether with or without children, easy and enjoyable.

    Mentone is fortunate enough to be beachside, so a walk along the sands is a great way to get outdoors. For those who are not beach-lovers or for when the weather is not ideal for the beach, these ... Read More

  • The Bank Of Mum And Dad

    Making the first step on the property ladder seems more and more daunting. For many young people just setting out, the idea of the great Australian property dream seems just that – a dream. There are initiatives to help first home buyers but even then a first purchase seems a long road to hoe. This is where many are heading to the bank of Mum and Dad.

    Research in 2018 (Data Finance Analytics) placed the Bank of Mum and Dad as Australia’s 10th biggest lender. They also report that of first time property purchasers, 55% say... Read More

  • Wonderful beach & Coffee – life’s perfect in Seaford.

    Wonderful beach & Coffee – life’s perfect in Seaford.

    Having lived in Seaford in the late 80’s, it was a nice surprise on returning recently to see the development of the suburb. I always thought the Seaford beach was the best Melbourne suburban beach by far and a real hidden gem – Friday night fish and chips with the family was only ever crowded by seagulls, and now I find there’s also some first class cafés serving great food a... Read More

  • Make a rental feel like home

    Perhaps it’s because a number of us now have children old enough to have moved out of home into rental properties that our lunchtime conversations turned to the days when we were renting ourselves. A major theme of the discussion was how difficult it was to make your own stamp on the house / apartment without painting or drilling or any other major work. This is our list of the best ways we found to make our rental property feel more like ‘our home’.

    Move the garden inside

    Brunswick Cafe Scene

    Brunswick has long had a reputation for being ahead of the game in terms of cultural diversity and it has been a mecca for foodies for decades. Styles change and the nationalities shift, but Brunswick still has some of the finest eateries in Melbourne. Here’s a few of our favourites.

    Code Black

    This bustling café is highly regarded for its friendly and efficient service. The menu offers a ... Read More

  • Colour your world

    Whether you are living in a Niddrie apartment or a Mentone townhouse, every residence can benefit from the addition of a bit of colour. They say a change’s as good as a holiday, and a simple spruce up of your home can be the holiday you and your home need. It’s also a great way of shaking off all the cooler weather and getting ready for the party atmosphere of summer. Here’s some ideas to help you keep up with the latest trends.Read More

  • Keep your home safe over the summer break

    Now that summer is upon us, many will be thinking about an extended break, a trip to the beach house or maybe a holiday interstate or overseas. Getting away over the summer is a big part of Australian tradition, but unfortunately the number of break in s and thefts from property rises at this time. Thieves know there will be an influx of new ‘toys’ for Christmas, making theft an even more attractive proposition. Here are some simple things you can do to help keep your home safe if you are heading away over the summer.

    A little help from your friends: A neighbou... Read More

  • Becoming part of a Community, pt. 2

    Cleaning Tips
    Becoming part of a Community, pt. 2

    A recent post explored some of the features people look for when wanting to buy into a community rather than just buy a house. This continues that exploration by looking at the importance of parkland to building community and the ‘... Read More

  • Becoming Part Of A Community

    Cleaning Tips
    A recent post on our blog looked at the change in Australian neighbourhoods – high population density creates different communities to the ones in which our parents and grandparents were raised. For many reasons, including work schedules and apartment living, people now find d... Read More
  • Bathrooms

    Cleaning Tips

    Bathrooms can be the most important room when it comes to sale but at times, this ‘smallest room in the house’ can be difficult to work with. They can be cramped with layouts determined by plumbing and little natural light. Whether it’s your ensuite or your apartment bathroom, here’... Read More

  • Neighbours

    Cleaning Tips

    Working in real estate means meeting lots of people who tell you about their property and their property dreams. Those that tell you about their property often refer to their neighbours. Some have unhappy memories but most relate stories of neighbours who are cheerful, friendly and helpful. ... Read More

  • Summer Tips

    Cleaning Tips

    Now the Melbourne Cup has been run and won, we are well and truly on the way to another Australian summer. The early predictions are that this summer is going to be an especially hot one, so here are some simple tips for keeping you, your family and especially your home cooler this summer.<... Read More

  • Cleaning Tips

    Cleaning Tips

    While we are now half way through Spring, it’s not too late to get spring into action for a spot of Spring cleaning! The warmer weather will have you throwing your windows open and inviting friends for weekend barbeques, so here’s some tips for make the whole house sparkle. Or, if you... Read More

  • Make Your Garage An Attraction Too

    Save money while you are renting
    Make your garage an attraction too

      When preparing the house for sale, we often simply focus on the indoor spaces, but the garage can use some loving too, especially if prospective buyers are looking for their very  own ‘man-cave’ or ... Read More

  • Decision

    Save money while you are renting
    Buying a home is a big decision. Whether you are an investor, first home buyer or you are planning an upgrade, it is easy to be overawed when you hit the market. Everyone will give you an opinion – from friends and family to real estate professionals – and some of this may be good advice. Ultimately... Read More
  • Personal Trainer

    Save money while you are renting
    Australians it seems are becoming more and more concerned with diet. Part of this is trends – smashed avocado, anyone? – but it seems that it is also about health. We are becoming more conscious about weight and diet plans and personal trainers are commonplace. My colleagues and I ev... Read More
  • Save money while you are renting

    Save money while you are renting
    Save money while you are renting

    As property prices rose over the last ten years, there was much written about the way in which these prices were forcing many people to a lifetime of tenancy. This year we have seen the property market enter a new phase of the never-... Read More

  • Generation Rent

    Generation Rent
    The millennial generation have become known for their love of avocado and their unwillingness to leave the family home. The latter of these two attributes is in part due to the fact they came of age during a growth period in the property cycle, which saw Australian property prices rise and a boom in new u... Read More
  • Moving Tips

    investment planning
    On a list of the top 10 stressful events in life, moving house comes in at Number 7, sandwiched between financial problems and chronic illness. Yet, all of us will do this at least once in our lives. The good news is; however that there are lots of ways to lessen the stress of a move and make everything eas... Read More
  • Apartment Living

    investment planning
    The apartment market continues to grow in Melbourne and people are happily trading backyards and mowing lawns for sunny balconies and minimalist spaces. Apartments are more affordable, require less maintenance and generally have lower utility costs. Of course, apartment living does require downsiz... Read More
  • Want to Learn to Invest?

    investment planning
    You’ve always wanted to invest in real estate, right? The expression isn’t ‘safe as houses’ for no reason. Owning investment property is a great way of securing your future or even helping your children to secure theirs. So, how do you get started? Here’s some great tips to help you.

    One... Read More

  • Investment Planning

    investment planning
    Many people start out wanting to invest in property so they can reap the benefits of the rental market, but their dreams fall by the way because they simply don’t have a plan. Buying rental property is pretty much like... Read More
  • The Melbourne Property Market

    Death, taxes and a never-ending property cycle. Three things of which we can be certain. There is much talk in the media about Australia’s cooling property market and while there’s both pessimism than optimism in these views, it is easy to get carried away with the fear-mongering rife in our news cycles. Rememb... Read More
  • Real estate in a cooling market


    All the signs point to the Melbourne– and, for that matter, the majority of Australia’s capital cities – being in a slow property market. It would appear that the peak of the market was around September last year. This is, of course, just part of a continuing property cycle and like any ... Read More

  • Glossary - Finances

    Buying property is the biggest investment most people make, so it’s important to understand as much of the process as you can. There are many terms relating to the financial aspects of property purchases that can bamboozle the uninitiated. The list below contains some of the key terms you need to know about b... Read More
  • The Property Cycle

    The Property Cycle
    It is key to property investment to understand that the market moves in a cycle. Watching long term, you will notice the cycle lasts for around seven to ten years. Over this time four phases will be evident: a flat stage with no real price rise; a growth stage when prices begin to go up; the peak stag... Read More
  • Parks and city access – investing in Kealba

    With a name derived from its two neighbouring suburbs, Keilor and St Albans, Kealba is a small suburb about 15 km from the CBD. Kealba has benefitted from the continued improvement of Melbourne’s freeway network and the city can be reached in around 20 minutes on the tollway. Being a small suburb, Kealba does not ha... Read More
  • Being a Landlord

    Investing in Point Cook
    Investing in property is a popular method for planning a financial future and many people have had success in doing this. Of course, an investment property comes with more than financial responsibility. You will need to decide whether you will utilise the services of a property manager or take on the ... Read More
  • While small in size, there’s lots of big things about Niddrie

    In an ongoing series of Melbourne suburb profiles, Jeff Grochowski from Accrue Real Estate discusses the lifestyle and property investment potential of Niddrie. While not officially recognised as a suburb until 1994, the area of Niddrie had been settled in the 1870’s and used predominately as farming land. The name ... Read More
  • The most popular place to be: Investing in Point Cook

    Investing in Point Cook

    In an ongoing series of Melbourne suburb profiles, Jeff Grochowski from Accrue Real Estate discusses the lifestyle and property investment potential of Point Cook.

    Topping the 2017 list of most popular suburbs for house sales, Point Cook is an outer suburb still growing through land... Read More

  • Family-friendly with breathtaking views: Investing in Doreen

    Investing in Doreen

    In an on-going series of Melbourne suburb profiles, Jeff Grochowski from Accrue Real Estate discusses the lifestyle and property investment potential of Doreen.

    Originally settled in the mid 1800’s, Doreen is surrounded by the foothills of the Yarra Ranges and the lush forested levees ... Read More

  • Property Investment

    Property Investment

    Melbourne continues to be one of Australia’s best performers with regard to property investment, even outdoing traditional rival Sydney. Investors are attracted to a number facets of Melbourne, including its growing population (projected to overtake Sydney by 2030), the number of wor... Read More

  • Starting with a property – but not necessarily a home


    The Australian dream of owning a home is deeply ingrained into our culture. But like many things in the 21st century this dream is undergoing a shift.

    In the past, people would begin by saving a small deposit for a house, borrowing for the longest possible term kno... Read More

  • Knowing how much money is needed to buy a property is key to investment

    property management

    Knowing how much money to borrow to secure a property is key to investment, but like many of life’s big decisions, there is not a one-size-fits all answer or solution. There’s also a number of aspects to consider – it is not necessarily as straight forward as it might initially appear.Read More

  • Property Management

    property management

    Once you have purchased an investment property, you want to know it is working for you. For it to be an asset and not a liability you need to find a tenant. Of course, you don’t want any tenant. We’ve all seen the Current Affair reports of ‘the tenants from hell’ an... Read More

  • Is property investment for me?

    Property investment continues to be popular in Australia and it is not hard to understand why. A property investment can be a way to financial security in retirement or provide your children with a foothold on the property ladder. But investment also brings with it risks. How do you know if you are in a position to inv... Read More

  • Good reasons for investing in real estate


    1. It is a (relatively) safe investment

    No one goes into investment intending to lose money and the well-known phrase ‘safe as houses’ gives voice to the reason property investment is still key to investment strategy. Melbourne propertycontinues to gain value, outperforming traditional rival Sydney and according to research by AMP, Australia... Read More