• Preparing Your Garden for Spring

    It might be hard to believe it with the cold weather we have been living through over the past fortnight, but spring is not far away. Soon we will have sunnier days where we can spend some time in the garden and if we’re going to be out there we may as well make good use of the time! Here’s 5 things you can do now so you are ready to go for Spring.

    Clean and sharpen your garden tools

    This is the perfect time to make sure all the tolls you need are ready to go. This helps ... Read More

  • Mornington Restaurants

    Thinking about heading down to the Peninsula? Make sure you stop for a meal at one of these great Mornington venues.

    Mr Paul's Beer & Wine, Shop 11 234 Main St, Vale Arcade, Mornington

    This is a great casual venue with a range of wines and craft beers to keep everyone happy. They regularly add new brews which means Mr Paul’s is worth going to more than once. The atmosphere is cosy and d... Read More

  • Werribee Cafés

    Werribee is a great place to visit for a range of reasons, and while you are there you’ll find plenty of options to stop in for a wonderful breakfast, brunch or lunch.

    Black Seed Café, Shop 2 133 Watton St, Werribee

    Everything about the Black Seed Café can be described as amazing. Many of its customers consider the co... Read More

  • Tips to make your home safe for young children

    There comes a time in every house’s life when style becomes secondary to child safety, and for the parents this focus, while generally short lived, is a very important and can be all-consuming. This is understandable given that household injuries are one of the main reasons children under the age of 3 wind up in the Emergency Department.

    Much of what you need to do to childproof your home is common sense, but it is still worthwhile walking through every room to look for potential hazards (keeping in mind a curious 3 year old is likely... Read More

  • Do You Know Melbourne Suburbs?

    Our Quirky Suburbs

    When it comes to knowing our city, most people will be able to tell you that Melbourne has the largest Greek-speaking population outside of Greece, but would they know we are the fox capital of the world? Yes, according to the RSPCA, there are 6 – 23 foxes within every square kilometre of the metropolitan area. Melbourne and its suburbs have a long and sometimes quirky history – how many of these do you know?

    While we are used to the streets and roads of our sub... Read More

  • Frankston Cafés

    The suburb of Frankston began life as a fishing village providing early Melbourne with delicious food and it’s great to know that Frankston still does this, except now it’s in the great cafés that dot Frankston streets. Here’s a few of our favourites…

    Eeny Meeny Café, 96 Young St, Frankston

    A great all day menu is the starting point at this café, but don’t ignore the weekly spec... Read More

  • Property Investment

    Property investment continues to be in the news and across social media and despite a shifting market there is still interest in this type of investment. Historically it is one way of creating a secure financial future – and here’s some of the reasons why.

    A property is a solid asset, one you can look at and make improvements to. Unlike shares, a property doesn’t just exist in an account somewhere or on a piece of paper. You can stand in the middle of your property and know it is yours. And once you have one property and it is ten... Read More

  • Interested in Real Estate Investment

    Interested in real estate investment? You’re not alone. Thousands of people every year help secure their financial future through an investment in real estate and proudly, at Accrue Real Estate, we can say we have helped many people along their way to achieving this goal.

    Here’s a couple of ways you can become a property investor without too much stress.

    SMSF (Self-managed Superannuation Fund)

    This method of in... Read More

  • Point Cook Cafés

    Point Cook is one of our favourite places for a day out, it has great parks and the location provides great views of Melbourne’s bay. Plus, there’s some great lunch spots to enjoy…

    Gemelli Cafe Grill, 123/22-30 Wallace Ave, Point Cook

    The food at Gemelli will keep you coming back, especially if you are a fan of a burger. Gemelli’s is all about fresh and the best produce it can source and this really shines through in their burger menu. The Sustainable Seafood ... Read More

  • Property Update

    The Australian property market has seen a downturn over the past 18 months, the biggest since the 1980s. However, this downturn looks to be over in Melbourne with figures released last week showing a rise in the prices of both houses and units.

    According to Domain’s House Price Report for the June quarter the median price for a house in Melbourne over the June quarter was $818,237, a rise of 0.3 per cent. For the same period, the price of a unit was %501,009, a rise of 2 per cent.

    D... Read More

  • Moorabbin Restaurants

    The best thing about being a foodie in Melbourne is that every suburb has at least one great restaurant and Moorabbin is no exception. These are just a few of our favourite places to get a meal when we head to St Kilda territory.

    • Mirchi Tadka Restaurant, 364 South Rd, Moorabbin

    As far as Indian food goes, you are getting the best at Mirchi Tadka; the food is always fresh and flavoursome. We can highly recomm... Read More

  • Melbourne Suburb Names

    For the past few years, Melbourne has had extraordinary growth and now ranks next to the world’s fastest growing cities. That means the city will spread further adding new suburbs as it grows. Each of these suburbs will require naming – just as the suburbs we live in and know so well did. But do you know how your suburb got its name? Here’s the story of some of Melbourne’s existing suburbs.

    While many of Melbourne’s suburbs have definitive reasons for their names, others origins are not as clear. Read More

  • Altona Cafés

    Altona is close to the Melbourne CBD and is a suburb that provides access to facilities to support lifestyle and family. Part of the life style facilities have to be the great cafés – these are a few of our favourites in the suburb.


    Bezirk is located right next to the beach, but it has a lot more going for it than that. A reasonably priced menu is backed up by friendly service. The décor gives off a warm feeling, especially the mural and exposed brick and there’s a courty... Read More

  • Becoming a Property Investor

    Property investment is still an attractive way to secure a financial future and for those that want to get started, here’s some great tips.

    Establish your financial safety net

    One of the key things about investing in property is having a financial safety net for the unexpected expenses that sometimes can occur. Most investment properties are rented out and this brings with it a range of possible issues that could require an injection of cash. Money will be needed if the hot water sy... Read More

  • Learning from Warren

    If you want to learn, you want to learn from the best. When it comes to investing, one of the most successful in the world is Warren Buffet, who has amassed a fortune across a number of years. Buffet publishes regular articles and reports, and is one of the world’s most quoted investors. So what can we learn from his wise words that could help us to invest successfully in property? Let’s look at a few of his quotes …

    “Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate... Read More

  • Bonbeach Cafés

    Suburbs with “beach” in their name can drop in popularity in winter, but only if the beach is the only asset the suburb has. Here’s some assets that make Bonbeach a year around destination.

    TRAX, 533 Nepean Hwy, Bonbeach

    This is just one of those great spots that have it all. Regular live music, special deals and great food. Friday nights go off with great bands, $10 cocktails on a Saturday and kids eat free on Sunday’s, making TRAX the perfect spot ... Read More

  • Making moving easier on your children

    Moving house is a big job and one that can be stressful for everyone involved, and we have already explored ways to make the move as easier as possible (here and here). The move can be especially hard on children, but just as you can step up the organisation to make the move simpler, there are ways to help make the move easier for your child.


    Niddrie Restaurants

    Niddrie’s proximity to the CDB makes it an attractive place to live or invest, but it also boasts some excellent eateries. Here’s a few of our favourites.

    Divine Indian Restaurant, 3/386 Keilor Road, Niddrie

    You will find some of the best Indian food in Melbourne at Divine, as this restaurant certainly lives up to its name. The décor is modern is style and with parking at the rear, busy Keilor Road is not an issue. All the well-known Indian are on the menu, and t... Read More

  • Why it's a good idea to wait before you renovate

    Moving into a new house is exciting but initially it’s like moving into someone else’s home. You will have chosen it for the things you liked – perhaps price, location, size – but there will be other things that you won’t be keen on. It’s tempting to renovate right off the bat, but the smart move is to wait. That’s not to say you won’t fix smaller things such as plumbing or electrical to ensure the house is habitable, but the larger things – remodelling or extending – are better done after you have time to live in the property. There’s three main reasons for this.Read More

  • Seaford Attractions

    Seaford is one those suburbs people often pass through if they are taking the scenic route to the Mornington Peninsula, but there’s good reasons to stop and look around (check out the cafés here).

    Seaford beach and pier

    Seaford beach is regularly listed as one of the best suburban beaches in... Read More

  • Market Update

    With the Reserve Bank cutting the cash rate to a record low earlier this month, there are early signs that the housing market is not going to hit that lows that some predicted last years. This also seems to be boosted by last month’s surprise Coalition win.

    In the past week, the national clearance rate for auctions has held above 60 percent for the first time in over a year. In comparison, the same week last year the clearance was at 52 percent. The clearance rate for the week prior was just 48.3 percent, although this figure was like... Read More

  • Pascoe Vale Parks

    Being close to both the CBD and the airport, Pascoe Vale is a great place for anyone whose work life requires commuting. But this suburb also has lots to offer in the way of recreation.

    Shore Reserve, 20 Woodlands Avenue

    This is our go-to park with the furry member of the family. Shore Reserve is an off-leash park which means the dog can get the run around it needs. There are three BBQs avail... Read More

  • Winter Tips - Part 2

    Here three more great tips to help you keep your house warm without incurring huge costs on your power bills.

    - Check your insulation: Hot air rises, in fact about 25% of your heat can be lost through the roof. You can reduce this by making sure you have insulation correctly installed in your roof space. Likewise, heat will be lost through your walls, so wall insulation is also important (but more difficult & costly to fit). The thing to keep in mind is that by using insulation you will save on your power bills, so while it may cost... Read More

  • Mentone Cafés

    Mentone is one of our favourite places to be. A beach suburb one end and a shopping strip close to the station, it provides diversity in terms of investment. Mentone also has some excellent cafés for taking a break from hunting for the perfect investment property. Here’s a few of our favourites.

    Chain of Fools, 68 Beach Road, Mentone

    Can’t stop humming the Aretha Franklin hit anytime I in this place and the food here is as classic as the song. While not strictly ... Read More

  • Brunswick restaurants

    Sydney Road is dotted with restaurants and cafés, featuring a diverse range of cuisines. All have their charms, but here are our favourites from the Brunswick section of this iconic street.

    Alaysa, 555 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

    Just had to start with this one, as Alaysa is something of an institution in Brunswick. While much in the suburb has changed around this wonderful restaurant, Alaysa has p... Read More

  • Winter Tips - Part 1

    Now that winter is upon us, we will tend to spend more time indoors and as a consequence of this we will want our home to be warmer. With power costs rising, here’s three great tips to keep your house warmer without blowing the utilities budget.

    • Make use of timers.

    If your heating has a timer, make sure you use it. Set the timer for 30 minutes before you plan to get out of bed in the morning but set at it at a reduced temperature. This allows the house to warm gradually, using les... Read More

  • 4 Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home

    If you are thinking about selling your house, or maybe you are looking to give your house a little spruce up before the dark days of winter, here are 4 sure fire tips to help.

    • Think about it before you start.

    This might sound obvious, but it’s the most important step. Knowing what you are trying to achieve before you start helps with the entire process. Begin by listing the changes you want to make. This will allow you to plan budgeting and timing. It will also give you an idea of... Read More

  • Rosebud Attractions

    The Mornington Peninsula has a great deal to offer in terms of things to do, and while it may be strongly associated with the beach and summer, there’s still lots of all-year-round activities, even if you might have wear your jacket. Here’s a few of our favourites from Rosebud.

    Rosebud Foreshore Playground
    This is a great family spot, with all you need for a wonderful day out. The kids can take their bikes too, as the bike trail runs right past the playground. There is lots of fun to be had on the play equipment... Read More

  • Newport Cafés

    The Melbourne suburb of Newport is noted for its access to facilities that support lifestyle and family but it also has some awesome places for a late brunch or full on lunch. So in between hunting for your next investment, try one of these great cafés.

    Leroy’s Café

    This is a great café for any time of day but our lunch was simply fantastic. Everyone was happy with their order but the Le’ Royale was th... Read More

  • 5 tips so you can move like a pro

    Moving into a new house, whether as owner or tenant is exciting… except when you have to consider the move. Moving is a time consuming and stressful job – but here’s some tips that might make the job a little easier.

    Don’t take it if you don’t need it

    Moving is a great opportunity to clear out the unused soup tureen your grandmother gave you when you moved out the first time (and you still haven’t made soup). It’s also a chance to discard, donate or sell off those items ... Read More

  • Frankston Gyms

    Frankston is a great place to invest or live; as ‘gateway to the Peninsula’, it has a lot to offer in terms of leisure and lifestyle. Those aiming for a healthy lifestyle are certainly catered for in Frankston – here are some of the places you can maintain health and fitness in Frankston.

    EFM Health Clubs 161 McMahons Rd, Frankston VIC

    The trainers here are popular for the variety they offer in their pr... Read More

  • Buyers' Market

    The peak for the Melbourne property market was November in 2017. Since then, the annual decline has been -10.3% (CoreLogic). Of course, as with any statistic, it is important to realise that there is always more to the story, as the Melbourne property market is not made up of one thing. For example, detached houses have fallen by 9% more than apartments, and this despite the fact that there are more apartments available than houses. This probably reflects the affordability of apartment compared to houses and that the buyers are purchasing their first homes, utilising the incentives provid... Read More

  • Are we there yet?

    No one sets out to pay the highest price for a property and with Australian house prices dropping over the past year or so, everyone is looking for the bottom of the market – the time when house prices will be the lowest. There is some indication that we might just have reached this part of the market cycle.

    Making accurate predictions about the property market is difficult at any time, but in this cycle is made harder because, unlike other market downturns, this current market is associated with a tightening of credit. Recent figures... Read More

  • Essendon Restaurants

    We regularly rate and write about the cafés we visit for lunch and breakfast so we thought we give equal time to some of our favourite dining spots. These are all from Essendon and underline the diversity of the cuisine available in our suburbs.

    Bapuri, 349 Keilor Rd, Essendon

    Can’t beat this for quality Korean. A menu of classic dishes created with value in mind. There are a number of set dishes or dishes for two to share and if you enjoy spicy the menu also has y... Read More

  • Buying Your First Home

    With speculation that interest rates may be lowered in May, it might be the right time for you to consider purchasing property. If you are a first time buyer, the process of buying may seem scary, and there will be lots of new terms to learn that initially may sound strange (check out our helpful glossary here).

    One of the key concerns for a first time buyer will be finances, and the first consideration here will be the deposit. Saving a deposit can take a long time and it certai... Read More

  • Heidelberg Cafes

    Located around 12km north-east of Melbourne CDB, Heidelberg has some fantastic cafés well worth the visit. Here’s our three favourites on Burgundy Street.

    The Train Yard, 184 Burgundy St, Heidelberg VIC

    Colleagues rave about this venue as a place for an end of week drink (they have live music on a Friday night) and it is also a great lunch venue, but at the moment The Train Yard is my go t... Read More

  • Dog friendly Moorabbin

    Those of us who have furry members of the family know the pleasure of a relaxed Saturday morning coffee with a pupaccino or waterbowl for the dog. Knowing the cafés in the area that are pet-friendly is a must when you own a dog; here are a few in Moorabbin.

    Chameleon Junction, 4 Station St, Moorabbin

    Sitting opposite the Moorabbin Station, this is a popular place for everyone, not just pet owners. Tables are set up outside so you and pooch can get comfortable and the... Read More

  • Buying at auction

    Property auctions is Australia have certainly gone through some changes over the last twelve months and the data suggests that rate of sale at auction has dropped. Despite this, auctions are still a key way Australians buy houses, so here are some simple tips to help you navigate the process.

    The most important thing about buying at auction is not getting caught up in the emotion of it all. An auction is exciting and nerve-wracking and it is easy to spend more than you intended. Before the auction you need to have a specific plan of att... Read More

  • Taking the bias out of investment

    When you are looking to invest in property, it is important to leave emotions out of the decision making. It’s also important to acknowledge that, like every one of us, you will have inbuilt biases that can also affect our decision making.

    One of the key biases that exists for most of us is the effort we go to maintain the status quo – change is not something that is easy for many of us. When it comes to property investment, this can impact the locations you look at or the type of property you prefer. If your biases are based on whe... Read More

  • Mornington Parks

    As gateway to the Peninsula, Mornington has a great deal to offer. It’s not just a place to pass through though; there’s many reasons to stop and enjoy what there is on offer. Here’s some of our favourite places in Mornington for recreation.

    Pine Avenue Reserve, 36 Mariners Retreat,  Mornington

    This is a great place to start – especially for the furry member of your family. This park is securely fenced and allows dogs off leash. It’s a great venue for playi... Read More

  • Which Suburb Should You Choose?

    What makes us choose one item over another? Take our fascination with phones for example. A colleague of mine will only buy Apple products and has done so since the first iPhone way back in 2007. Others in my office have all manner of phones, Samsung, Huawei and even Google and from all accounts these phones are cheaper, have more features and are even better quality than the equivalent Apple product. Now before you start thinking this is an ad for Apple, my point is simply that sometimes we have one idea in our heads and we stick to it, despite other information that may come along or th... Read More

  • Werribee Attractions

    Werribee isn’t just a great place to live or invest. The suburb boasts a number of Victoria’s most popular tourist destinations. So, in between checking out you next investment property, take time out to check one of these great attractions.

    Werribee Open Range Zoo, K Rd, Werribee South

    This offers a totally unique zoo experience and at times can almost seem like a real safari as the zoo ... Read More

  • Buying property – what NOT to do

    There’s plenty of people and lists that will tell you what to do when buying investment property – well, here’s a list of things you should try to AVOID.

    Getting emotionally involved

    Investing in property is best done with the head – not the heart. Look at the facts and figures not that the kitchen would be the perfect place for you to make your grandmother’s salsa recipe. You need to consider the rental yields in the area. You need to make sure of the tenancy rates. Look at... Read More

  • Great places to eat in Reservoir

    Café culture is not exclusive to any one suburb in Melbourne and it doesn’t seem to matter which suburb we look in, we can always find a great place for breakfast, brunch, lunch or coffee. Here’s our favourites from Reservoir.

    Lady Bower, 1A Marchant Ave, Reservoir

    Lady Bower is known its friendly welcome and considerate touches. From a water bowl for the furry members of the family to change tables with nappies for the baby, this café goes out of its way to mak... Read More

  • Coburg

    Coburg is one of Melbourne’s older suburbs and as such it has a rich history. Known for its cultural diversity, there’s a number of attractions that make it a great place to visit (before making the choice to invest).

    Pentridge Prison

    OK, so you probably wouldn’t expect a prison to be at the top of the things to do list, but the history of Coburg is very much tied to the prison. Origina... Read More

  • Buying Investment Property

    Unless you have been under a self-imposed media ban for the past 12 months, you will have noticed changes to the Melbourne real estate market and the way it is being discussed. Those of you are regular visitors to our posts will know that this is just an indication that the Melbourne market is moving into a different part of a continuous property cycle. For those who may be thinking it’s not time to jump into the market, then perhaps a different option might be more appealing.

    Buying property doesn’t necessarily require you to make ... Read More

  • Pascoe Vale Cafes

    Not just a great place to live, Pascoe Vale also has some great places to eat – especially for an awesome breakfast before the commute to the city. These are three of our favourites…

    Jack & Daisy

    Love the name, love the café. The menu is a great variety and having eaten there on many occasions, nothing has ever disappointed. One of those cafés that makes you feel cheery just by walk... Read More

  • Saving Space

    Lots of Melbournians have swapped the suburban block for a cosy apartment. There’s lots of reasons for this: price point, lifestyle choices and proximity to essential services and utilities. If you are one of the many, many apartment dwellers you might benefit from these tips on how to make the most of the smaller space.

    • Colour can matter

    The right colour in a small room can immediately create an impression of more space.... Read More

  • Getting it right in the bedroom

    Did you know that humans spend one third of their life asleep? In fact, the average life span includes 27 years of sleeping! Of course, some of these hours are accounted for when we are babies and teenagers when sleep is essential to the growth process, but regardless sleep is essential for us to stay healthy and happy humans.

    For this reason, it’s a good idea to think about the environment in which you sleep and make some choices that ensure your bedroom is the perfect place to encourage good sleeping habits.

    Why use a Property Short Listing Service

    When it comes to investing in real estate there are plenty of people who will happily give you advice. Some of this advice may be valuable but much of it will not be informed by market knowledge or experience. It will not be based on the understanding that is required to assist you in making your way through what can be a complicated and costly process.

    A good Property Short Listing Service will first establish your property investment goals to get an understanding of the reason for your investment as this may influence where the proper... Read More

  • Point Cook Parks

    Point Cook has a lot going for it. With a great location, close to the city and the bay, it’s the perfect spot for a day trip, and who knows? Once you see it and what it has to offer, it might make the perfect place for a relocation. Here’s a few places that might take you to Point Cook for a visit.

    Point Cook Coastal Park

    Located on Point Cook Homestead Road, this is a great place for the whole family. Walks along the sand, safe swimming, playgrounds and BBQs mak... Read More

  • How much do I need to buy a property, Part 2

    How much do I need to buy a property, Part 2

    Recently, we looked at the importance of the initial deposit to buying a property, but there are other costs that will impact.

    There are a number of upfront fees that are charged on the establishment of a property loan. These generally depend on the financial institution you use and whether you have a long term relationship with that institution. These costs can include valuation fees and document preparation. Regardless of... Read More

  • How much do I need to buy a property?

    One of the key things you need to know before investing in property is the amount of money you will need. Much of this will be dependent on your own situation – the actual property you are looking at or the suburbs you have selected. That said, there are other considerations that will impact anyone looking to invest. This is the first of two posts that will look at initial costs of property purchase.

    The first thing to consider is how much you are providing for the initial deposit. This is very important because the larger the deposit... Read More

  • Great cafés in Doreen

    We have written elsewhere how wonderfully family friendly Doreen can be, but there’s a lot more to like about this suburb. Here’s just a few more reasons …

    Magnolia on Orchard

    This is a real hidden gem – in fact some of the people in Doreen I spoke to weren’t sure they had visited this café, which in our opinion is a big mistake. Tucked away on the corner ... Read More

  • Do you need a property manager?

    Buying property is a popular way of investing for the future, but once you have purchased an investment property there is still work to be done. One of the key things you will want to ensure is that your property is tenanted with regularity. The cost of an empty rental can seriously impact the value of the investment, especially to immediate cash flow.

    For this reason, many people choose to use the services of a professional property manager rather than being landlord themselves. Here are some of the key reasons:

    Three simple ways to freshen up the kitchen

    It’s often said that bathrooms and kitchens sell the house, but anyone who has had renovations done recently will also know that renovating these two rooms can be very expensive. Here’s some simple ways to give the kitchen in your house a lift that won’t break your budget and you might think about doing yourself.

    1. Cupboards

    There a number of ways you can change the whole look of a kitchen by altering the cupboards. You can change the fronts completely – from o... Read More

  • Playgrounds in Mentone

    One of the reasons Melbourne continually tops lists of ‘the most liveable cities’ is the opportunity we have to enjoy the outdoors. Every suburb has a range of outdoor spaces that makes spending time outdoors, whether with or without children, easy and enjoyable.

    Mentone is fortunate enough to be beachside, so a walk along the sands is a great way to get outdoors. For those who are not beach-lovers or for when the weather is not ideal for the beach, these ... Read More

  • The Bank Of Mum And Dad

    Making the first step on the property ladder seems more and more daunting. For many young people just setting out, the idea of the great Australian property dream seems just that – a dream. There are initiatives to help first home buyers but even then a first purchase seems a long road to hoe. This is where many are heading to the bank of Mum and Dad.

    Research in 2018 (Data Finance Analytics) placed the Bank of Mum and Dad as Australia’s 10th biggest lender. They also report that of first time property purchasers, 55% say... Read More

  • Wonderful beach & Coffee – life’s perfect in Seaford.

    Wonderful beach & Coffee – life’s perfect in Seaford.

    Having lived in Seaford in the late 80’s, it was a nice surprise on returning recently to see the development of the suburb. I always thought the Seaford beach was the best Melbourne suburban beach by far and a real hidden gem – Friday night fish and chips with the family was only ever crowded by seagulls, and now I find there’s also some first class cafés serving great food a... Read More

  • Make a rental feel like home

    Perhaps it’s because a number of us now have children old enough to have moved out of home into rental properties that our lunchtime conversations turned to the days when we were renting ourselves. A major theme of the discussion was how difficult it was to make your own stamp on the house / apartment without painting or drilling or any other major work. This is our list of the best ways we found to make our rental property feel more like ‘our home’.

    Move the garden inside

    Brunswick Cafe Scene

    Brunswick has long had a reputation for being ahead of the game in terms of cultural diversity and it has been a mecca for foodies for decades. Styles change and the nationalities shift, but Brunswick still has some of the finest eateries in Melbourne. Here’s a few of our favourites.

    Code Black

    This bustling café is highly regarded for its friendly and efficient service. The menu offers a ... Read More

  • Colour your world

    Whether you are living in a Niddrie apartment or a Mentone townhouse, every residence can benefit from the addition of a bit of colour. They say a change’s as good as a holiday, and a simple spruce up of your home can be the holiday you and your home need. It’s also a great way of shaking off all the cooler weather and getting ready for the party atmosphere of summer. Here’s some ideas to help you keep up with the latest trends.Read More

  • Keep your home safe over the summer break

    Now that summer is upon us, many will be thinking about an extended break, a trip to the beach house or maybe a holiday interstate or overseas. Getting away over the summer is a big part of Australian tradition, but unfortunately the number of break in s and thefts from property rises at this time. Thieves know there will be an influx of new ‘toys’ for Christmas, making theft an even more attractive proposition. Here are some simple things you can do to help keep your home safe if you are heading away over the summer.

    A little help from your friends: A neighbou... Read More

  • Becoming part of a Community, pt. 2

    Cleaning Tips
    Becoming part of a Community, pt. 2

    A recent post explored some of the features people look for when wanting to buy into a community rather than just buy a house. This continues that exploration by looking at the importance of parkland to building community and the ‘... Read More

  • Becoming Part Of A Community

    Cleaning Tips
    A recent post on our blog looked at the change in Australian neighbourhoods – high population density creates different communities to the ones in which our parents and grandparents were raised. For many reasons, including work schedules and apartment living, people now find d... Read More
  • Bathrooms

    Cleaning Tips

    Bathrooms can be the most important room when it comes to sale but at times, this ‘smallest room in the house’ can be difficult to work with. They can be cramped with layouts determined by plumbing and little natural light. Whether it’s your ensuite or your apartment bathroom, here’... Read More

  • Neighbours

    Cleaning Tips

    Working in real estate means meeting lots of people who tell you about their property and their property dreams. Those that tell you about their property often refer to their neighbours. Some have unhappy memories but most relate stories of neighbours who are cheerful, friendly and helpful. ... Read More

  • Summer Tips

    Cleaning Tips

    Now the Melbourne Cup has been run and won, we are well and truly on the way to another Australian summer. The early predictions are that this summer is going to be an especially hot one, so here are some simple tips for keeping you, your family and especially your home cooler this summer.<... Read More

  • Cleaning Tips

    Cleaning Tips

    While we are now half way through Spring, it’s not too late to get spring into action for a spot of Spring cleaning! The warmer weather will have you throwing your windows open and inviting friends for weekend barbeques, so here’s some tips for make the whole house sparkle. Or, if you... Read More

  • Make Your Garage An Attraction Too

    Save money while you are renting
    Make your garage an attraction too

      When preparing the house for sale, we often simply focus on the indoor spaces, but the garage can use some loving too, especially if prospective buyers are looking for their very  own ‘man-cave’ or ... Read More

  • Decision

    Save money while you are renting
    Buying a home is a big decision. Whether you are an investor, first home buyer or you are planning an upgrade, it is easy to be overawed when you hit the market. Everyone will give you an opinion – from friends and family to real estate professionals – and some of this may be good advice. Ultimately... Read More
  • Personal Trainer

    Save money while you are renting
    Australians it seems are becoming more and more concerned with diet. Part of this is trends – smashed avocado, anyone? – but it seems that it is also about health. We are becoming more conscious about weight and diet plans and personal trainers are commonplace. My colleagues and I ev... Read More
  • Save money while you are renting

    Save money while you are renting
    Save money while you are renting

    As property prices rose over the last ten years, there was much written about the way in which these prices were forcing many people to a lifetime of tenancy. This year we have seen the property market enter a new phase of the never-... Read More

  • Generation Rent

    Generation Rent
    The millennial generation have become known for their love of avocado and their unwillingness to leave the family home. The latter of these two attributes is in part due to the fact they came of age during a growth period in the property cycle, which saw Australian property prices rise and a boom in new u... Read More
  • Moving Tips

    investment planning
    On a list of the top 10 stressful events in life, moving house comes in at Number 7, sandwiched between financial problems and chronic illness. Yet, all of us will do this at least once in our lives. The good news is; however that there are lots of ways to lessen the stress of a move and make everything eas... Read More
  • Apartment Living

    investment planning
    The apartment market continues to grow in Melbourne and people are happily trading backyards and mowing lawns for sunny balconies and minimalist spaces. Apartments are more affordable, require less maintenance and generally have lower utility costs. Of course, apartment living does require downsiz... Read More
  • Want to Learn to Invest?

    investment planning
    You’ve always wanted to invest in real estate, right? The expression isn’t ‘safe as houses’ for no reason. Owning investment property is a great way of securing your future or even helping your children to secure theirs. So, how do you get started? Here’s some great tips to help you.

    One... Read More

  • Investment Planning

    investment planning
    Many people start out wanting to invest in property so they can reap the benefits of the rental market, but their dreams fall by the way because they simply don’t have a plan. Buying rental property is pretty much like... Read More
  • The Melbourne Property Market

    Death, taxes and a never-ending property cycle. Three things of which we can be certain. There is much talk in the media about Australia’s cooling property market and while there’s both pessimism than optimism in these views, it is easy to get carried away with the fear-mongering rife in our news cycles. Rememb... Read More
  • Real estate in a cooling market


    All the signs point to the Melbourne– and, for that matter, the majority of Australia’s capital cities – being in a slow property market. It would appear that the peak of the market was around September last year. This is, of course, just part of a continuing property cycle and like any ... Read More

  • Glossary - Finances

    Buying property is the biggest investment most people make, so it’s important to understand as much of the process as you can. There are many terms relating to the financial aspects of property purchases that can bamboozle the uninitiated. The list below contains some of the key terms you need to know about b... Read More
  • The Property Cycle

    The Property Cycle
    It is key to property investment to understand that the market moves in a cycle. Watching long term, you will notice the cycle lasts for around seven to ten years. Over this time four phases will be evident: a flat stage with no real price rise; a growth stage when prices begin to go up; the peak stag... Read More
  • Parks and city access – investing in Kealba

    With a name derived from its two neighbouring suburbs, Keilor and St Albans, Kealba is a small suburb about 15 km from the CBD. Kealba has benefitted from the continued improvement of Melbourne’s freeway network and the city can be reached in around 20 minutes on the tollway. Being a small suburb, Kealba does not ha... Read More
  • Being a Landlord

    Investing in Point Cook
    Investing in property is a popular method for planning a financial future and many people have had success in doing this. Of course, an investment property comes with more than financial responsibility. You will need to decide whether you will utilise the services of a property manager or take on the ... Read More
  • While small in size, there’s lots of big things about Niddrie

    In an ongoing series of Melbourne suburb profiles, Jeff Grochowski from Accrue Real Estate discusses the lifestyle and property investment potential of Niddrie. While not officially recognised as a suburb until 1994, the area of Niddrie had been settled in the 1870’s and used predominately as farming land. The name ... Read More
  • The most popular place to be: Investing in Point Cook

    Investing in Point Cook

    In an ongoing series of Melbourne suburb profiles, Jeff Grochowski from Accrue Real Estate discusses the lifestyle and property investment potential of Point Cook.

    Topping the 2017 list of most popular suburbs for house sales, Point Cook is an outer suburb still growing through land... Read More

  • Family-friendly with breathtaking views: Investing in Doreen

    Investing in Doreen

    In an on-going series of Melbourne suburb profiles, Jeff Grochowski from Accrue Real Estate discusses the lifestyle and property investment potential of Doreen.

    Originally settled in the mid 1800’s, Doreen is surrounded by the foothills of the Yarra Ranges and the lush forested levees ... Read More

  • Property Investment

    Property Investment

    Melbourne continues to be one of Australia’s best performers with regard to property investment, even outdoing traditional rival Sydney. Investors are attracted to a number facets of Melbourne, including its growing population (projected to overtake Sydney by 2030), the number of wor... Read More

  • Starting with a property – but not necessarily a home


    The Australian dream of owning a home is deeply ingrained into our culture. But like many things in the 21st century this dream is undergoing a shift.

    In the past, people would begin by saving a small deposit for a house, borrowing for the longest possible term kno... Read More

  • Knowing how much money is needed to buy a property is key to investment

    property management

    Knowing how much money to borrow to secure a property is key to investment, but like many of life’s big decisions, there is not a one-size-fits all answer or solution. There’s also a number of aspects to consider – it is not necessarily as straight forward as it might initially appear.Read More

  • Property Management

    property management

    Once you have purchased an investment property, you want to know it is working for you. For it to be an asset and not a liability you need to find a tenant. Of course, you don’t want any tenant. We’ve all seen the Current Affair reports of ‘the tenants from hell’ an... Read More

  • Is property investment for me?

    Property investment continues to be popular in Australia and it is not hard to understand why. A property investment can be a way to financial security in retirement or provide your children with a foothold on the property ladder. But investment also brings with it risks. How do you know if you are in a position to inv... Read More

  • Good reasons for investing in real estate


    1. It is a (relatively) safe investment

    No one goes into investment intending to lose money and the well-known phrase ‘safe as houses’ gives voice to the reason property investment is still key to investment strategy. Melbourne propertycontinues to gain value, outperforming traditional rival Sydney and according to research by AMP, Australia... Read More