• The most popular place to be: Investing in Point Cook

    Investing in Point Cook

    In an ongoing series of Melbourne suburb profiles, Jeff Grochowski from Accrue Real Estate discusses the lifestyle and property investment potential of Point Cook.

    Topping the 2017 list of most popular suburbs for house sales, Point Cook is an outer suburb still growing through land release and development. The Central Flying School opened at Poin... Read More

  • Family-friendly with breathtaking views: Investing in Doreen

    Investing in Doreen

    In an on-going series of Melbourne suburb profiles, Jeff Grochowski from Accrue Real Estate discusses the lifestyle and property investment potential of Doreen.

    Originally settled in the mid 1800’s, Doreen is surrounded by the foothills of the Yarra Ranges and the lush forested levees of the Plenty River. This provides the suburb with some breath-tak... Read More

  • Property Investment

    Property Investment

    Melbourne continues to be one of Australia’s best performers with regard to property investment, even outdoing traditional rival Sydney. Investors are attracted to a number facets of Melbourne, including its growing population (projected to overtake Sydney by 2030), the number of workers based in the inner city (an increase of 24 percent in the l... Read More

  • Starting with a property – but not necessarily a home


    The Australian dream of owning a home is deeply ingrained into our culture. But like many things in the 21st century this dream is undergoing a shift.

    In the past, people would begin by saving a small deposit for a house, borrowing for the longest possible term knowing they would either pay the house off in the distant future or... Read More

  • Knowing how much money is needed to buy a property is key to investment

    property management

    Knowing how much money to borrow to secure a property is key to investment, but like many of life’s big decisions, there is not a one-size-fits all answer or solution. There’s also a number of aspects to consider – it is not necessarily as straight forward as it might initially appear.

    The first consideration is the size of the deposit. The ... Read More

  • Property Management

    property management

    Once you have purchased an investment property, you want to know it is working for you. For it to be an asset and not a liability you need to find a tenant. Of course, you don’t want any tenant. We’ve all seen the Current Affair reports of ‘the tenants from hell’ and you want your investment cared for not destroyed. You could try... Read More

  • Is property investment for me?

    Property investment continues to be popular in Australia and it is not hard to understand why. A property investment can be a way to financial security in retirement or provide your children with a foothold on the property ladder. But investment also brings with it risks. How do you know if you are in a position to invest? What do you need to know before you buy? If you are curiou... Read More

  • Good reasons for investing in real estate


    1. It is a (relatively) safe investment

    No one goes into investment intending to lose money and the well-known phrase ‘safe as houses’ gives voice to the reason property investment is still key to investment strategy. Melbourne propertycontinues to gain value, outperforming traditional rival Sydney and according to research by AMP, Australian property value has increased at a rate comparable to that of the sha... Read More