What We Do

Accrue Real Estate are not what you probably expect in a real estate agent. We are not interested in the hard sell and pushing our clients to buy the first property that comes along.

Accrue Real Estate doesn’t build houses. We build relationships.

We do this by introducing our clients to properties that meet their future goals and current needs. Accrue is Melbourne’s premier Property Short Listing Service.

Accrue Real Estate have helped many Melbourne families find their first investment property. For some of these families we also find their second, and third. Our methods are based on experience and industry knowledge, but key to our dealings with clients is ensuring they are comfortable with every step of the process. Accrue Real Estate aim to educate clients throughout the process so any decisions they need to make are informed and confident.

Accrue Real Estate have the understanding needed to help clients navigate Melbourne’s booming real estate market. The relationships we build within the property industry give Accrue Real Estate access to a range of unique properties in highly regarded suburbs and locations. Often these are made available to us before release to the general public, giving our clients access to the prime townhouses in a block.

Investing in property is one proven way to secure a healthy financial future. But it’s not necessarily for everyone and it is important that the timing is right. Accrue Real Estate have also well-established relationships with companies experienced in the financial aspects of property purchase. These professionals include independent financial planners, accountants, brokers, lawyers and property managers. By introducing our clients to their expertise, it ensures the clients are comfortable with making a purchase and that they know their decisions suit their needs and goals.

Accrue Real Estate handles all aspects of the property purchase. We introduce our clients to multiple properties suitable to their situation. These have been thoroughly researched and clients are given printed information to assist them in understanding the reason the location is worthwhile. This information includes access to amenities, transport and schools but also owner/occupier ratios and projected rental returns. Accrue Real Estate do all the hard work to ensure our clients have all the relevant information. We take clients on property tours at a time suitable to them. This allows clients to be relaxed with the process as well as being well prepared when it comes time to make the choice. Accrue Real Estate will advise but never put pressure on a client to purchase any property.

Once the property is chosen, Accrue Real Estate does all the hard work associated with property purchase. We negotiate the price, the settlement date and complete all the necessary paperwork. This is then presented to the client in a personalized format for them to sign so the purchase can be completed. Accrue Real Estate does all the leg work for our clients; they simply have to wait for the phone call to tell them the property is theirs. Accrue Real Estate also introduce their clients to experienced property managers, so the investment property is secured with reputable tenants. As part of the client relationship, Accrue Real Estate conduct annual property reviews. This involves a meeting to outline the growth within the property location.

The Accrue Real Estate experience can help take away the concerns and anxiety of property purchase and begin the process of meeting financial plans and goals. The expertise of Accrue Real Estate’s property consultants makes it possible for clients to invest in property regardless of their level of knowledge, and the Accrue Real Estate process ensures any potential pitfalls are avoided.